30% Off Art Stationery at Macy’s

When Macy’s announced it was taking 30% off all of its art supplies in April, many of its stores in New York City were filled with expensive, artisanal gift-giving stations.

But now, the discount is being extended to everything else, including the entire holiday season.

The New York Post reports that Macy’s is offering 30% on everything from gift cards and greeting cards to handmade gifts and custom paper goods, including all items purchased at any Macy’s in-store shop.

The store will continue to sell items for $2.99, which means that if you have $100 in your savings account, you can spend $50 on an entire box of paper.

The holiday season is usually a great time to buy craft supplies and gift cards, but if you can get the 30% discount, you should definitely do it!