When to use an online catalog to make your gift shop more affordable

By JEFFREY BONNER and MICHAEL SAGAN The Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — Amazon.com Inc. has added new pricing options for its gift-shopping tools and e-commerce products to help make its online storefronts more affordable, even as its online retail businesses remain vulnerable to new threats.

Amazon announced Tuesday that its new “Gift Shop” and “Sell By” programs will offer $0 down discounts on a wide range of products in its online store and catalog.

Amazon says the discount is for all types of gift cards and coupons.

Amazon is using the new programs to lower prices on several of its online stores and its gift shop.

It is also expanding its discount program for items that are part of its catalog.

Amazon’s “GIFT Shop” discounts are available to new customers and will begin on Jan. 15, 2017.

Amazon has about 25 million items in its catalog, according to the company.

Sell by offers the lowest prices and minimum purchase amounts, as well as free shipping and returns.

The online shopping giant is using these new programs because it has become increasingly reliant on online retailers to boost its online sales, which have been weak since the global financial crisis.

Amazon also said it would offer the discount to existing customers who already use the Amazon.

Com gift cards.

Amazon customers with the new accounts will also be able to make up to $1,500 in new purchases in the new online stores.

Amazon also announced that it would extend the same discounts for new customers who are already members.

Sale by offers a $10 discount on all items, up to a maximum of $25.

The new discounts will go into effect from the beginning of the first week of January, according the company’s announcement.

The company says the new discounts apply to all items in the catalog, including all Amazon.co.uk items and Amazon.ca.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon Prime, Amazon India, Amazon Japan and Amazon Korea, but not items from the U.S. Amazon’s new online gift-card programs also include new discounts for items sold by Amazon Prime members.

Amazon says it will continue to offer these discounts for products that are in Amazon’s catalog, such as gift cards, electronics and other online purchases, as long as those items are eligible for the program.