10 tips to make your new office space work better for everyone

Share this article Share The best place to put your office furniture is not your desk, but your closet, according to a new study by the BTS Center for Sustainable Design.

Here are 10 tips for making your office space less expensive, more efficient, and more welcoming.


Make the most of the space.

This will save you money in the long run because it’s a little harder to sell furniture and it’s easier to maintain.

But it will also make it easier for you to sell it to a client, so it will be more valuable.

If you’re not sure which items are most important to you, here’s a guide to finding your items that are: clean, comfortable, and functional.

For example, a closet with a few pieces of furniture that you like will be less valuable because you’ll likely have to sell them to get them.


Use the space to create a space of choice.

If it’s the office space that you want to live in, make sure that it’s not too small or too big, because it’ll be harder to move if you have to move every day.


Avoid space-consuming furniture.

If there’s something that you don’t need to buy, make it a closet or drawer instead.

Make it look like it’s going to be used.

If something is too large or too small, make a space where you can move it if you need to. 4.

Make sure that you get a lot of storage space.

Make your office more accessible.

Use a desk or a table to store your documents or organize your work.

You can also put items in a drawer, which will be a great way to have space for documents and books.


Use space for activities.

Whether you’re using your office as a space for work, a living space for your children, or just as a place to play, make room for all your activities.


Make space for personal storage.

If your office is your home, you might want to have a small office area for your belongings and storage.

That way, you’ll have a place you can turn to when you need it. 7.

Make a space out of things that make your office feel more personal.

When you have an office space, make your space feel like it belongs to you.

Make things that look nice and add a little something to your office, such as a desk with a chair or a shelf.


Create a space that’s clean and organized.

If an office is in a residential area, make the space less cluttered with clutter.

The most important thing to do is to have good lighting and clean up the space so that it feels clean and orderly.


Make room for other work items.

If the office is a place where you have other projects that you need done, make them a part of the office, not a separate office space.

For instance, a small drawer in your office can be used to keep other work in a way that’s less distracting.


Make small adjustments.

If a space has too much space for one thing, make an exception and give it more room.

If that’s not possible, use your space as a living room or kitchen, so that you have room for a couch, a table, and a chair.