A coupon for $2 off your new stationery: Posters

A coupon offering $2 for your first purchase from a new stationer, postcard or postcard studio can be found on the website of the Posters of America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting local businesses in the Jewish community.

The promotion is valid from March 31 to May 7, according to the Posts website.

A postcard with the word “Coupon” is included with the purchase, which is not a new item for a Posters store, but is available in stores for purchase, according the organization. 

The Posts of America website lists many different stations for sale, but its coupon can be easily found on Posters website.

It has the following message on the right side: “COUPON: Use the coupon code “postcards” to get one of our new stationers, postcards or postcards postcards to post for $3.99, or buy two postcards for $7.99.”

Posters offers a variety of stationers to choose from, including Postcards of the World, Postcard of the Year, Postcards and Postcards to Go, and Postcard Express.

In the end, you can get the Postcards Express stationer for only $3 more than the previous version. 

For a little extra cash, Posters also offers a free set of three postcards featuring the names of famous Jews. 

One of the stationers is a red and white postcard called “The Last Days of the Land of Israel” that features the name of a famous Jewish Holocaust survivor, including the name Rabbi Yoel Shaul. 

Another stationer features a black and white picture of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and a picture of a rabbi, Rabbi Yohelech. 

On the right-hand side, Posting of the Day is a postcard featuring the slogan “Post your own postcard” and the slogan, “Post a picture to share with your friends.”

The postcard comes with the Postcard Exchange card. 

There is also a free stationer with a photo of a Palestinian man, a picture titled “Hamas’ Camps and Dead,” and the caption, “In Gaza, the dead and the wounded.”

The photo comes with a sticker that reads “The Palestinians want you to know this is Palestine.” 

For $2 more, Postings offers a pair of postcards with the words “Postcards to Posters” and “Posters for Posters.” 

The “Post Cards to Postings” postcard is the first of the series. 

In the left-hand corner of the postcard, Post is shown with a red hat, a white shirt and a pair a socks. 

“Hamas is not just the group that started the war against Israel,” the caption reads.

“Hama is also the group of people that gave us the opportunity to do something about it.” 

“Postcards for Postcards” postcards are the second series of the “Post cards for Post Cards” stationer. 

According to the postcards, the first installment was published in 2007. 

Postcards of The Day is published in the spring. 

If you are not a Postcards member, you may purchase a stationer by following the link on the left side of the site. 

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