‘Hangover: The Story of Hangover 2’ is an all-new book!

With the release of “Hangovers: The Complete Story,” an all new book, “Hangsover 2” is now available. 

The book details the true story behind the events leading up to and following the release and subsequent cancellation of “The Hangover: Volume 2” in 2012.

According to author and former “Hollywood Reporter” journalist, Peter Lewis, the book is based on the real-life events that unfolded on September 14, 2012, during a high-stakes auction of tickets for the upcoming movie “The Big Sick.”

After the auction was completed, it became clear that “The Hangingover” had not sold as many tickets as anticipated, and the company was forced to make a dramatic change to the marketing strategy for the movie, resulting in the cancellation of the movie.

Lewis was then approached by Warner Bros. Entertainment about possibly writing a book based on his experiences as a journalist covering the event.

“The Hangovers” was not only the most critically-acclaimed movie in history, but it also had a significant impact on Hollywood.

While the book covers many of the major events leading into the release date of the second installment, it also details some of the smaller events, such as the death of one of the cast members, and several of the company’s executive decisions.

The book is set to hit shelves on August 31st, 2018.