How to Make a Paperclip with a Pen: 3 Ways to Make It into an Ink Carton

You can use this paperclip to make an ink carton.

If you’ve never used a paperclip before, this may be a helpful way to get started. 

This is one of the ways to make the ink cartons. 

There are a few things you need to know before you start making this. 

First, the paperclip must be of a certain thickness.

If it’s thinner than a dime, you can cut it out. 

If it’s thicker than a nickel, you’ll need to measure the width of the paper to get the thickness you want. 

I’m not going to go into how to make a paper clip, but this is what it looks like when it’s cut. 

Now, you’re going to have to find a way to make this paper clip into a cartridge. 

Cartridges are really just paper tubes.

They’re like paper packets, except that you take them out of the box and they’re just paper packets. 

Here’s what you need. 

A cardboard box. 

To make the cardboard box, you need some cardboard to make it.

The cardboard that you cut out will have to be thicker than the paper you’re using. 

Make sure the cardboard is big enough for your printer. 

Then, make a piece of cardboard about the size of your pen.

You can just use the back of a paper notebook or a pencil. 

Next, cut out your paper. 

The paper that you’re cutting out should be thick enough to cover the cardboard. 

For this example, I used a thin piece of paper.

You could also use thicker paper like paper that’s 3/8″ or 1″ thick. 

Cut out the paper with your pen so that it covers the cardboard and is thicker than it should be. 

You want to make sure the paper is thick enough so that you don’t damage the cardboard when you’re making your papercartons.

Once you’ve made your paper, you want to cut it into strips, as shown in the image above. 

It’s important that you do this right.

The thicker the paper, the easier it is to remove. 

Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like a papercarton.

The ink cartoons are meant to be used for fun and not to be sold. 

Finally, you make a template. 

As you can see, you’ve got the template in the middle of the template.

It’s a little trickier than it looks. 

Instead of making the template out of thin paper, like you do with paper bags, you use the template to make paper.

This helps you keep the template thin so that when you make your paper cartons, they’re easy to remove when you want them to. 

Once you’ve completed the template, you put the paper back into the box.

Now you can start making your ink cartes. 

Before you can use an inkcarton, you have to get it into a paper tube. 

Most inkcartons have a hole in the bottom so that ink can flow through.

You put ink in the hole by pressing it in. 

But you can also fill the hole with water. 

When you fill a hole, you don,t just pour ink in.

You need to pour in enough ink to fill the entire hole. 

In this example I filled the hole in my papercartoon. 

Fill the hole at least half way. 

Insert the papercartone. 

After you’ve filled the paper tube with ink, you will insert the paper.

Now, the ink in your inkcartone will flow into the paper and make a tube.

I’m sure this sounds complicated, but it’s not. 

Simply fill the tube with water and place the paper in it. 

And voila!

You have an ink cartridge.

I’ve shown you how to fill a tube with a paper cartridge, but there are other ways you can fill ink cartridges with paper.

Here’s a look at how to use an InkCartone.

The process of using an Inkcartone is basically the same as using a paper bag.

First, you fill the paper cartridge with ink. 

Take a piece that is just big enough to hold your paper and put it in the tube.