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Business Insider/Nikki DeLuca/Getty ImagesFor all of the hype about the new MacBook Pro, you’d be forgiven for thinking the laptop was just about ready to go home.

But the company’s newest line of Macs — which are the most affordable laptops on the market — are being rolled out around the world in a series of “Made in the USA” (MIL) units, where they’re made in the United States.

These devices have been rolled out for the last few months in countries like Germany, Brazil, and the United Kingdom, where the first batches of machines were shipped out last week.

The first of these machines will arrive in the US next month, and Apple will sell them starting March 17.

This isn’t the first time that Apple has rolled out the new machine, however.

The company first announced its introduction of the new iMac at the end of January, with a pre-order of 1,000 machines.

This time around, however, Apple is offering the machines as a one-time, limited-time offer, with orders starting at $1,999.

If you want to get one, though, you’ll have to wait until March 17 to get your hands on the machine.

Here’s everything you need to know about the MacBook Pro.