How did you become a business stationer?

Business stationery has long been an art form in Britain, but many people are now embracing the trend, with designers creating a range of new designs to complement traditional pieces.

Here, we examine the best business stationeries, which have been created in the last five years, from The Good Life, a design from the designer Richard Cairns, to the quirky ‘Business Stationery For Sale’ piece.

How do you become an artist?

Business stationers have always been interested in creative pursuits, but the design of the current business stationers has changed.

Business stationers were born in the mid-20th century, when the design world was still dominated by the mass market and the ‘old school’ was still making its mark.

Today, there are a range that range from simple stationery, to more contemporary designs, including an impressive ‘’ design that was commissioned by the Royal British Legion, as well as the stylish ‘’ and ‘’.

Why did you design business stationables?

I am a big fan of business stationering, and wanted to make something different that would make my stationery stand out, as opposed to just being standard stationery.

I wanted to create a product that could stand alone and stand out from the rest of the range.

What are your favourite business stationerers?

The Royal British and Irish Lions and Rugby Union, for example.

Why should you take a business train?

Business trainings are one of the great ways to experience the business world.

You get to experience different cultures, see different places and learn about new ways of doing business.

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What’s your favourite thing about being a business trainer?

Do you have any other business stationered designs?

The Good Place by Richard Cairs, for instance, which was commissioned for the Royal London Legion.

‘The Good Place’ design by Richard Cadwallader, commissioned for The Good Housekeeping Club by the National Society of Arts and Crafts.

The new ‘Good Place’ business station by Richard Corbett.

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