How to create a ‘selfie’ stationery idea

You may have heard of “selfie” stationery, which uses a photo of your body as the centerpiece.

That idea sounds great, but it’s not something you can create with a template.

Here’s how to get started.


Design a template that looks like a photo (or photo-based template) on the wall.

You can find a template here.


Create a simple, static photo that matches your design.

For example, if you have a photo that says, “My name is John,” that might work.

If you’re not sure if you need to include a title or caption, use the “title” tag and include your own name, like, “John” on the photo.


Create your photo.

Use your photo template as a base for your photo-inspired stationery.

For instance, you might make the background darker, or use a gradient that makes the background appear more dramatic.

You could also use a photo or video that includes a photo.


Fill out your information.

To fill out the form, follow these steps: 1.

Click “Create” 2.

Fill in your information 3.

Select “Add” to create your custom photo.

If the photo doesn’t show up in the template, check out our tips for creating photos on Pinterest.

4, 5.

Submit your photo and let us know how it turned out.

You may need to re-enter your information after the photo has been submitted.


Let us know what you think.

If it was a success, we’d love to see your photos!

Submit your photos to our Pinterest group for the world to see.

Let’s get started!