How to save on gift cards from a local stationery store

Posted January 06, 2018 05:10:50 As an avid shopper and blogger, I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching gift cards.

Here are some things I’ve learned about how to get the best deals online, when to buy them and how to save for them.


Make sure you’re getting value for your money.

If you’re spending $1,000 on a gift card, you’ll need to spend a little extra to make it worth it. 2.

Use a good coupon.

A good coupon will help you save money on gift card purchases, as well as help you get the cheapest gift card that you can get.


Use the right credit card.

A gift card is only good for a limited time.

You can save money if you use a credit card that has an expiration date, for example, or if you’re using a giftcard that expires in the first year of the cardholder’s contract.


Shop for gift cards in different categories.

If your budget isn’t in sync with what you want, try to shop in different category and spend your gift cards on different purchases.


Don’t put your card on sale.

A few months ago, I used a card that I could have used for almost anything.

That card ended up selling for a lot less than the advertised value, and it’s not worth the extra money.


Shop online for a discount.

You’ll be able to save a lot of money when you shop online.


Keep your eyes peeled for promotions.

There are many promotions out there that may offer a discount on giftcard purchases.

You could save money by buying the card in a store that offers a special offer, for instance, or buying it at an online retailer that offers discounts.


Know your limits.

Some of the most popular giftcard deals are those that give you a $25 gift card for every dollar spent, or $150 gift card if you spend $500.

If the gift card isn’t enough for you, consider spending your gift card on something more valuable.


Shop your credit card statement to make sure you don’t miss out.

Make a copy of your credit report, and write down any important details about your spending habits.


Keep track of your giftcard balance.

A card that’s overdue, for one thing, can be a problem.

Keep a record of all the giftcard balances on your card, so you can see if any of them have been charged off.


Check your giftcards.

When you buy a giftCard, you have to pay for it in full.

Sometimes, giftcards can be more expensive than what you’d expect, so it’s always good to check to make certain you’re not overpaying.


Buy giftcards online.

You may have noticed that gift cards are increasingly popular online, and that’s because online stores are much cheaper than brick-and-mortar stores.

Online retailers have lower fees and offers, and are often more efficient than brick and mortar retailers.


Avoid gift cards with expiration dates.

If a gift Card has a date on it that expires after a certain date, you’re more likely to be able get the item you’re after.

If it’s a limited-time card, try saving it in a savings account or with a debit card, such as a Visa card.


Check the expiration date of giftcards on your credit cards.

A lot of credit cards have a credit expiration date that starts the month the card is issued.

You should also check the date on the card that shows when the card expires, and if it’s due in the next few months.


Check if a card expires before you buy it.

It’s easy to miss out on a great deal online if you don and forget to check the expiration dates on your cards.


Check to see if a gift has a coupon.

Sometimes giftcards may have a coupon for a free item.

Use this to your advantage if you can’t afford the item, but you’re still willing to pay the $25 or $300 you’re paying for it.

If not, check to see whether the coupon is still valid.


Avoid coupons that are for promotional offers.

Some gift cards can have promotional offers, or are only available at specific retailers, such an American Express card or Visa card, that can be quite attractive.


Avoid cardholders who offer to pay you a low credit balance.

Many cardholders are willing to make a little money by offering to pay their credit card balance down to a certain amount.

If this sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 19.

Know what gift cards expire.

If an expiration on a card is a surprise, it can also be a sign that you may be overpaying for a good deal.


Donate gift cards to charities