India’s biggest grocery chain says its new digital wallet will make the store’s products cheaper and more accessible for shoppers

Indian grocery chain KG has launched a digital wallet for its shoppers to use.KG’s digital wallet, which launched on the Indian market today, is aimed at boosting the store of its products and making them easier to use online.

The wallet is called KG’s Digital Store, which will allow its shoppers a simple way to access the store, store their shopping information, store and shop with a single click.

The digital wallet is based on an open source code developed by KG.

It is aimed to bring convenience to its customers by making them able to browse the store by using just their phone or computer.KGM is one of the biggest players in the Indian grocery market, with its stores across the country, and it has recently started expanding its offerings in other countries, including Indonesia and Malaysia.

It has also been working on making its online store available to its users in other markets as well.

The new wallet will help its customers make easier shopping for all their groceries by making the shopping experience easier.

The wallet will also help KGM to offer new products and new features, such as an online shopping cart and a more intuitive checkout experience.

The app is free and comes with all of the essentials like a shopping bag, gift cards, a gift card holder, a wallet, a card reader and more.

It will be available in Indian and international markets.