Japanese company builds personalized stationery in the US

The Japanese stationery giant J.C. Penney has teamed up with an American company to create personalized stationeries for customers in the United States.

Japanese brand H.L. Gucci announced today it is working with the New York-based J.W. Penneys to create a custom stationery for its customers in New York City, and in Los Angeles, as well.

The new stationery is based on Japanese stationeries and has been created in partnership with J. W. Penrys.

The new stationeries are inspired by the famous Japanese style, which includes hand-crafted stationery and handmade stationery accessories.


L Gucci’s partnership with Penneys comes at a time when the Japanese company is facing competition from American and European brands.

In December, J. C. Penry announced that it would be launching a new line of luxury handbags and handbags of all sizes to compete with American luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

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