Japanese stationery brand Unicorn is buying Japanese stationeries

Unicorn stationery is buying a range of Japanese brands including Harajuku and Shibuya, as it looks to diversify away from the Japanese market.

Unicorn is hoping to open a shop in Japan next year and will open a store in New York next year, according to Japanese media reports.

Unicorn, which launched in 2003, has more than 400 stores across the US and Japan, including locations in New England, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Detroit, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Montreal and Sydney.

Unicorn’s business model has been attracting attention in recent years, particularly from foreign brands.

The Japanese company has also seen success in Europe and Asia, with an opening in Shanghai, Shanghai Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland Park in 2020.

Unicorn also has a brand in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and is planning a new Japanese branch in Singapore in 2018.

Unicorn was founded by former JCPenney executive and JCPenny boss Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, who founded the company with fellow JCPennie CEO Yasuo Nishida.

Unicorn launched its Japan business in 2010.

It has about 300 stores in Japan, mostly in major cities, with the majority of its sales coming from Japan.

Unicorn has also opened a new Tokyo branch, and has a plan to open new shops in Japan in 2020, according, according Japan’s Nikkei business daily.

Unicorn will continue to operate its own stores and buy Japanese brands, as well as partner with Japanese brands that may need more than one location.

The Japan store is expected to open in 2021, according Nikkein.