Korean stationery shop offers Korean items

Korean-owned Korean Stationery Store (KMS) is opening its first store in Philadelphia.

The store will be located at the corner of Broad and Market Streets, in the heart of the city.

KMS plans to open on May 13.

The store will sell Korean stationeries, embroidered stationery and other stationery accessories, along with Korean books and periodicals.KMS has been a stalwart in the Philadelphia Asian community since 2003.

The shop has since expanded into its current location, and the new store will have more space than the previous location.

The shop’s website promises to provide a full selection of Korean-made items.

It also promises to offer a wide variety of Korean and foreign stationery products.

The KMS store will feature an assortment of Korean stationeries as well as items made in Korea, as well.

The Korean American History Museum will be in the KMS building, which is currently used as a community center.

The museum is currently home to the Korean American Cultural Center.