What’s on ice for the NHL’s ‘First Night’ tomorrow?

Honolulu, Hawaii — The NHL’s first night of training camp was underway Monday, but it wasn’t just for the teams.

It was for the players.

The ice is littered with signs with the names of the players on it.

They’re all wearing the same thing, a white hat.

Players from each team are assigned a captain and a skater.

They wear their jerseys with their numbers on them.

It’s the same with the jerseys worn by the players during the first two days of camp, as well.

All of those jerseys were given to each player, who is wearing them.

Players get to choose their jerseys.

The first night is for them.

But what about the rest of us?

The NHL is not the first to do this.

In 2012, the NHL announced the name of its first night, which is Monday.

It was a name for the night, not the day.

So in addition to honoring the game, it was a way to honor the players who wore the uniform.

This year’s NHL season began at 5 p.m.


That’s 5 p,m.

for most people.

But the first day was changed from Monday to Wednesday because it was too early to get the game started.

The NHL announced Monday that the night will be called “First Night” and the players will be named captains.

The name change was made to honor “firsts,” which is how the players earned their nicknames.

It wasn’t the first time the NHL changed the night’s name.

In 2015, the league changed the name to “First Session” to honor players who earned their captaincy.