How to make the most of your gift card

Personalised stationeries, with unique designs and themes, are great gifts for the office and for those who are lucky enough to get an office job, especially those who need a little extra personal touch.

Here are our top tips for making the most out of your personalised stationets.


Make a gift for someone who already owns an office article One of the best ways to make an extra bit of extra cash is to give someone who doesn’t own an office a gift.

This is the best way to make a special gift for yourself, a colleague or a family member, who you know may not have the money to buy a stationery you like.

Here’s how to make this easy gift.

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Select a unique stationery that’s unique to you.

It can be a stationer, a designer, a book, a photograph or even a photo album.

Use a template to create your gift.


Create a special card that includes your gift item.

The card is very important, as it can help you collect a bigger bonus.

Use the card template on the website.


Include a note explaining your gift, such as ‘I am so glad to have a gift card that is personalised to me.’

Use a note on the card to tell the recipient what you think of the stationery.


Fill out the information and send it to the recipient.

For example, you can tell the sender that you like the colour of the card or the pattern on the back of the cards.


Keep a list of the recipients and send the cards out at the same time to encourage them to return the cards when they need them.

This gives them a chance to return them and you will be rewarded for your time and effort.


Keep track of how much you’ve donated and how much more you’ve received.

For every donation of $25 or more, you’ll receive one special gift card.

You’ll also be able to claim a reward for every $20 donated.

For each donation of less than $25, you will receive one card with an additional $5.


You can always gift the gift cards to other recipients who want to share the gift with them.

They can also make a donation of the gift items to their local library, museum or other community organisation.


Collect the cards and make sure you keep track of the amount of money you’ve contributed to the local community.

This can be done by checking the donation details on the stationeries website.


You also have the option to keep the card and donate it to a charity of your choice, as long as it is used to benefit the local economy.


You may also choose to donate the cards to the Royal Society of Arts and Humanities, which supports the arts in Australia and around the world.


You have the choice to make your donation to a non-profit organisation, which could include a local children’s school, the Salvation Army or an Aboriginal Welfare Association.


You’re also able to donate to a local organisation that is doing good work in your area.


You are also able a local shop, which will give you a free gift certificate or an entry-level stationery subscription.

This could be a gift of a stationette, a station book or even one of the many stationery gifts that can be found at gift shops.


You could also choose a community organisation or a local library to help them in their work.


You should also consider how much your donation will help to improve the quality of life for your neighbours and the community.

If you’re planning to make more gift donations, here are our recommendations.

1: Get the gift card from a local store or shop.

They are usually more expensive and the store will give a larger bonus than a bank or a travel agency.

2: If you can, get a gift from a book store.

These usually offer a special price, usually at a lower rate than a credit card.

3: Get a gift at a local gift shop.

You get a better deal.

4: Go to a gift shop that sells stationery and make your gift a local charity of a local business.

5: Get your gift from an Aboriginal business.

They may offer a discounted gift card or gift certificate.

6: You could make a small donation by taking a photo of a card and attaching it to your email or Facebook post.

7: If the card you’re giving is a gift certificate, attach it to another gift card to be returned to the sender.

8: Make a special donation to an Aboriginal community organisation, like the Royal Anthropological Society.

This will give the recipient an entry level stationery for a small fee.

9: Take a photo with your gift stationery card and attach it as a gift to a recipient.

10: Get an additional card with a $5 bonus if the recipient gives $20 to the charity of