How to shop for stationery online

I’ve got to admit I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this one stationery website.

It was all pretty confusing, and all of it came from a site called Holographic Stationery.

For those unfamiliar with the term, Holograms are tiny, 3D printed designs, like the ones found on Star Wars and LEGO, that are created by artists using holograms.

But this one was all about stationery.

It had a lot of stationery options for sale, including paper, pencil, markers, etc. As I looked through the site, I noticed that some of the products were labeled as stationery for kids.

One of the listings for stationer supplies listed “Kids and Adults Only” as the minimum age.

There was also an adult-only section that was for adults.

When I searched for a specific item, I was greeted with all sorts of other things, like pens, markers and pencils.

After a little digging, I found that these are all adult-specific products, like pencils, erasers and markers.

I had to double check to make sure there was no age-specific listing. 

The store had a small section on its website called “How to buy stationery” that listed products for kids and adults.

The store also had a “Kids & Adults” section, which was for “children ages 8-18” only.

A child was also included in that section, though the child was clearly not in charge of buying stationery at the time.

Holographic stationery was pretty easy to find, and they had a nice selection of stationer and gift items to choose from.

The stationery store was well-organized and there were lots of cute stations that I enjoyed. 

I loved that the store offered a variety of stationers for sale.

There were pencils for kids, pencils and erasers for adults, stationer sets for children and pens for adults to choose for their own projects.

The store also sold gift sets for kids for $20.

They included paper, eraser, marker and pencil sets, which included a gift bag that had pens, erases and markers to create custom stationery pieces for a small fee.

If you were interested in stationery but weren’t sure how to get started, I recommend checking out Holographical Stationery for Kids and Adults.