How to make a mini-kitchen with minimalism and a smile

I bought this for myself.

But the result is perfect for the office.

The little utensils come in handy: a small bowl of instant noodle soup, a spoon for brushing the surface, and a plate to add more to a soup or salad.

But the real magic comes from the little touches that go into the design.

In the kitchen, the bowl is a little bowl.

I added a couple of spoons to it, then poured the soup over it.

It’s a nice touch, especially since I usually have to leave the bowl open to get it to simmer.

Then I added some of my favorite ingredients.

First up is the instant noodles.

My favorite ingredients are the kombu noodles, a sweet and savory noodle with a little bit of heat.

They’re a bit too sweet for me, but they’re the perfect size for my plate.

Finally, the spoon.

Here, I added a spoon to the top of the bowl.

It makes the whole bowl feel more like a mini kitchen.

It’s easy to keep the spoon in place, but the bottom is so flat, you can flip it over to use it for cutting.

And here, the salad plate.

I used the top as a cutting board to cut the salad.

And I also added a few more of my favorites ingredients, like mint.

All of the dishes are individually handcrafted, but there’s something special about having these items in the kitchen.

I’m grateful for the small kitchen because I’m able to spend more time with them and with my children.

What to do when your office needs a little extra space?

I also think that if you’re a little larger than your office space, the minimalism style can help.

For example, if you have a desk, I suggest you make your desk bigger so you can put the little kitchen utensil into a small desk.

Also, if the office space is small enough, you may want to consider a desk that’s a little taller, because you don’t need to be standing.

And if you don´t have space, then you can make your office more attractive with furniture and decor. 

The office space can be big or small, and you can have all of the above.

But I hope you find this mini-Kitchen design idea and kitchen idea to be a great one for your office!

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